G1 Group

G1 Group

Hamilton House
70 Hamilton Drive
G12 8DR



The G1 Group is Scotland’s largest and most diversified hospitality group, with a collection of over 50 venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Aberdeen and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Our portfolio of places has been decades in the making, and includes fine dining restaurants, boutique hotels, state of the art nightclubs, bijoux cinemas and even a casino because we were feeling lucky. We’ve got Scotland’s smallest pub, The UK’s only independent IMAX cinema, Edinburgh’s 2nd biggest Christmas Tree, and a Guinness World Record.

Throughout the years, we have developed a special interest in rejuvenating and reinventing Grade A & B listed buildings of historical and architectural importance. Some of our favourite spaces include a former bank, an institutional prison and a golf club factory. Our own central office is housed in the former BBC Scotland headquarters in Glasgow’s leafy West End.

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