Tourism St Andrews Next Meeting 7th November 2017

Tourism St Andrews next meeting will be held on the 7th November 2017 at the Library Rooms in St Andrews at 1 pm.  The meeting will be for approximately an hour and there will be half an hour for networking at the end.  Jerry Beaulier Chair will be absent so Debbie MacCallum Vice Chair will host the meeting.  Please bring any leaflets, information you would like to share.  

It will be interesting to hear about the Winter activities in St Andrews and any plans for 2018.

All are welcome and the provisional agenda will be as follows:

  1. Welcome and last meeting minutes.     Debbie MacCallum
  2. Kelpie legacy – Debbie MacCallum
  3. Beach Wheelchair project update – Helen Bechelli
  4. BID Update – St Andrews Day and Winter Lighting –  Rhonda McCrimmon
  5. Visit Scotland – Manuela Calchini – Legends and VS Instagram
  6.  East of Scotland Pass – Karen Jacques
  7.  Savour St Andrews – Viv Collie
  8.  University of St Andrews SA Charities and Events update – Jamie Minns
  9. AOB



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