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The St Andrews Charter has been designed in order to safeguard our communities, protecting the wellbeing of our visitors, residents, employees and students.

We have brought together businesses across St Andrews and its environs and local community groups to create a charter where working together we can help to make St Andrews as safe and secure for everyone.

As the town opens up we would like to welcome our visitors and our returning students in a responsible fashion.

This whole town approach strives to deliver the highest standards prescribed by government and is responsive to changing guidance over time.

The collective approach is embodied in the "five Cs" - with clean, considerate and cautious actions, underpinned by clear communications and community minded spirit.

We were unable to list all the businesses supporting us although most are a member of the various membership organisations that are listed.

We hope that this initiative will ensure both individual and collective responsibility for helping to keep St Andrews a safer place.