Goodbye to the Kelpie Maquettes

This morning the Kelpie Maquettes left town. It has been a pleasure for our visitors and locals alike to have them in the town and they looked truly stunning on the Bruce Embankment.

Goodbye Kelpie Maquettes

Safe journey

They have been enjoyed by 1000s of visitors and many of our children have enjoyed educational workshops at both MUSA and the British Golf Museum.
250 S3s from across Fife enjoyed 2 days of Tourism careers workshops as part of the legacy of the Kelpie Maquettes and hopefully there will be Xmas lights to celebrate their installation.
It took many hours of volunteer time from Tourism St Andrews committee volunteers and local community volunteers but it was great fun. Thankyou to all who have helped, donated money and time and joined us in enjoying these World class iconic sculptures.

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